Hi. Welcome to Weddings By Kathy.
My name is Kathleen O'Grady and I would love to be your First Class Celebrant as you prepare to set off on the journey of a lifetime...

I had the privilege to travel the world with Qantas International for nearly 30 years as a First Class Flight Attendant,

and now I'm a First Class Celebrant... 
That's right, Ladies & Gentleman, please fasten your seat-belts as we prepare to take-off for the best day of your life.

I loved nothing more than to take care of my passengers & share in their excitement as they prepared to travel the world. 
I have the same excitement for my beautiful couples as I bring the same exceptional level of customer service,

communication & attention to detail to my ceremonies as I did for my First Class passengers.

I am a warm, vivacious & genuine woman who is extremely passionate & dedicated to her work as a Celebrant.

I am a singer & stage performer who is proud of her ability to engage an audience & tell a story with authenticity & emotion.

Travelling to your ceremony, near or far, is a welcome part of my wonderful lifestyle and always has been.

I love nothing more than to meet with my beautiful couples and discover their worlds as we work together to create your special day,

the First Class way.


So sit back, relax, and enjoy the First Class Service... I promise, no life jackets required!

Please contact me for a free 15 minute phone chat & see how we connect... 


Kathy, you are a Wonder Woman and we will forever be grateful for everything you did!! You sing beautifully, you get along with everyone, you can teach your clients professional dancing to help with the first dance, you can make people laugh and cry at the same time while looking after everyone and running the entire show - to say you are the best celebrant on the coast is an understatement. You were there for us personally and professionally for the whole year in the lead up, you have a heart of gold and are a wonderful human. Thank you Xx-- 

Katie & Steve